Will AR have an HOA?

Yes, HOA fee is initial set at $350 per month for a home and $100 for lots.


Do we have recorded CCR’s?

Yes, recorded May 12, 2021


Are there assurances that the developer will be installing curbs, roads, and utilities to the property.

Yes, the developer has already put 110% of the infrastructure cost in escrow with Weber County to assure the installation of the improvements.


How are the lots at AR getting water and sewer?

Powder Mountain Water and Sewer Improvement District (PMWSID) provides water and sewer services.


Is there a time frame to build once lot is purchased?

There is no time frame to start construction.


Once started, how much time is allowed to finish a home?

Must be completed within 2 to 3 years per Weber County requirements. Inspections are required every few months to avoid lapses in permits.


May you use your own builder?

Yes, builders need to be a licensed general contractor.


What is the Architectural Control Committee review fee?

$5,000 which covers the cost for the AC and architect(s) to review house plans, landscape design and finishes to ensure the community design integrity is cohesive. $2,500 review fee will be refundable once build is completed.


Are there additional building fees?

Yes, builders are required to submit a construction deposit. The cost is $5,000 while the road is dirt and $15,000 once we have asphalt. Fees are refundable if construction clean-up is timely, and all rules are followed during the construction process. This fee will be refundable after C of O once construction clean-up is completed and no damage to road due to building.


What is the minimum and maximum square footage requirement for a residence?

The minimum is 2,000 and maximum is 6,000 square feet, which does not include the garage.


How much time before I need to finish landscaping?

Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, landscaping needs to be completed within one year. Requirements are mountain vegetation including low water use wildflowers and plants. Secondary water is not available.


What utilities are stubbed to the lot?

Water, sewer, power, and fiber. Propane gas can be used (tanks to be buried).


Are RVs allowed to be stored outside?

RVs, boats, trailers, and campers are not allowed to be stored outside. They will need to be stored in a garage or offsite.


Are there any restrictions on backyard amenities?

No separate sheds or structures allowed.


Are fences allowed?



Are nightly/vacation rentals allowed?



Are ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Unit) allowed?



Are chickens allowed?



Are horses allowed?



Note: There are horses and cows that graze at Powder Mountain.